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Vanilin is a project of vocalist and electronic musician Julian Bliss, who started producing instrumental works under this name in 2000. Julian revealed himself as a vocalist in 2002, by recording Gone Into Tomorrow, his first song. After three instrumental albums Julian Bliss began producing a song album. Recording of the album was participated by notable Kiev musicians including W. Angel of Conquest, Josh Olsen-Berg of Arcothon / Nolens Volens / Error::Genesis and Alex Gl of Conquest. The album has been recorded at Melogroup studio. Julian met Anna Grytsak there, who helped with management of the bands first two performances. When the demo was finished, Bliss invited Thorny (bass-guitar) and Andrew (guitar) to join the band. The first show by Vanilin took place on Friday, 13th of July. Vanilin recently performed at the first-rate gothic festival of Ukraine Dity Nochi / Chorna Rada 4 with Gothika, Inferno, Error::Genesis, Crazy Juliet, Gray/Scale, No Existence, Cold In May and Andromeda Cryogen and at the Halloween party with Audi Sile, Inversus and Marilyn Monroe band. The next show by the band was on December 1st in Lviv on Other World birthday party.
Info last updated on January 18th, 2007.


Andrew video filming
Anechka muse, style, video filming, make-up
W. Angel studio guitars (You Are, No One Else), sound engineering
Anita management, style, photography
Julian Bliss vocals, lyrics, guitars, mixing, sound engineering, design, site design, video editing
Olia Chabaj photography
Katia Chuguj photography
Alina Chumak photography
Alex Gl studio guitars, sound engineering
Tioma Kagramanov video filming, photography
John Kika stage guitar, studio guitars (One More Time, Maniac), driver
Ksu_pp The Yellow Era QIP skin
Lelia photography
Mike photography
Alexander Morte studio guitars (You Are)
Viktor Mykolayenko photography
Olia Muzychenko photography
Nika translation
Nikolaj Nedzelsky photography
Nulyovy stage keyboards, stage scratch, video filming
Josh Olsen Berg mixing, sound engineering, studio guitars, studio bass (No One Else, One More Time, No Matter How), studio keyboards (No One Else), linguistics
Voland Ratibor photography
Andru Serebrij guitars, video editing, driver
Ivan Shchitko photography
Pavlo Shchur site design
Shunia photography
Taras video filming
Tel style
Tim Ivanov stage drums
Thorny stage bass
Natalie Violine backing vocals (You Are), studio violin (Thrill)
Anna Valujskaja make-up, hair style, video filming, photography
Vovanail video filming
Yana Yarema vocal trainer, make-up

Special Thanks To
Viktoriya Dzvinkoslava
Artem EaglE
Viktor Mykolayenko
Sweet Sixty Nine
Yana Yarema